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Registration/Student Records

My Student Record: Login with Student Number and PIN Code

You may sign in to your student record using your Student Number and Registration PIN Code
If you have not used this service before you should provide your birthdate (in YYMMDD format, eg 890504 for May 4,1989) as the PIN.
Student Number:   I forget my Student Number
Registration PIN:   I forget my PIN Code

If you prefer you may Login using your Discovery Username/Password
WARNING: If you are using a publicly accessible computer to access this information you should be aware that the web browser will "remember" the information you submit and that if you do not exit properly it may be possible for others to view and change your registration information. To prevent this be sure to close all windows and exit from the web browser when you are finished with your record. Some web browser programs will also offer to store the information you submit on a form, if your browser does this it is strongly recommended you say no whenever you get this prompt. Saying "yes" will allow full access to your student record by anyone else who uses this computer at any time in the future.